Case Inspired By Historical Legend

Mrs. Lisa Vaona-Case

By Krista C.

Lisa Vaona-Case, otherwise known as Mrs. Case, has worked at Richardson Middle School for nineteen years. She was born in Long Beach, California and went to Harbor City Elementary until the second grade. Then she went to President Avenue Elementary third through sixth grade. She attended Fleming Junior High and Narbonne High School. She got her Associates Degree at Harbor College and later got her Bachelor of Arts Degree and teacher credential at California State Dominguez Hills. She most recently earned her Masters Degree at Walden University. She is currently considering going back to school for a doctorate degree.

Case is married and has two children who are enrolled at Richardson. Her hobbies include reading, cooking, and entertaining. She has been married to Brian Case for seventeen years and has two children: Joel, age fourteen and Krista,age twelve. She has a Doberman-lab mix named Hoagie (Yes, after the sandwich…blame Joel for the name.)

As a young lady, Case made the decision to become a teacher. because of a chance meeting. She met one of the Little Rock Nine (Group of students that took a stand to go to a school of their choice when it wasn’t popular for African Americans to attend a White school during the 60’s) which inspired her. Her favorite subjects are math and science, both of which she now teaches.

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