Class Competition Heats Up

By Madyson F.

Have you been one of the students on campus to show your school spirit by wearing your class colors on Fridays? Were you a nerd for a day or wear your pajamas to school?

The last Spirit Week has brought up the class comp totals very quickly. Right now, 8th Grade is still in first place with 878 points, but 7th Grade is hot on their tail with 807 points. The 6th Graders are behind with 308 points. The 7th Graders may still have a chance to catch up to the 8th graders in the next competitions.

“I know that the students have many events planned for this year,” said Math Teacher and Student Council Advisor, Mr. Michael Fujii.

As we spoke with some of the Student Council members like 8th grader, Michael S., the Student Council President, we could tell that he has many events in mind and has a great team to help him.

Student Council President, Michael S.

“We come up and choose spirit days and other events by coming together at Student Council meetings and sharing and brainstorming the ideas we have and then choose the best ones,” said Michael S.

It takes a lot of planning to make a spirit week, not to mention the extreme brainstorming the Student Council members have to do. Many people enjoy the spirit weeks, but never really think of how it gets started each year.

“We have to first, have the Student Council Members ask their peers, what types of spirit weeks that they want, than they will bring the ideas to the meetings, and we want to be able to plan them around major days or activities at school and not around test days so that it doesn’t distract the students. We also have to think of what would be fun for the other kids,” said Fujii.

Thanks to Student Council, RMS Students enjoy events like class comp, spirit weeks, and other activities.  Thank you Student Council Members!

Show your school spirit and participate in school activities.  Show off your colors on Fridays!  Who will win the competition?


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