Students Study for STAR

By MiMi B.

The STAR Writing Test will be administered to students in the Seventh Grade on Tuesday, March 6th.  Along with learning the concepts of the California State Standards, students have worked for months preparing for this test in their ELA classes.  The test asks students to write an essay from one given genre.

This could be Response to Literature, Persuasive, Autobiographical/Narrative, or Summary. No one knows which type of writing will be given on the state test…not even the teachers.  Students are taught all four types of essays and then practice them throughout the semester before the test. 

Not only have students practiced in class, but they have also been given the opportunity to attend workshops on such things as: transitions, decoding prompts, and reviews for each of the writing types.  These workshops were held in Room 31 on Tuesdays at lunch and after school.  They were presented by Seventh Grade ELA Teachers, Ms. Sara Pearlman and Mrs. Leslie Bezich.

Some students are still anxious about taking this test.

“I am nervous and scared because I don’t know what kind of writing it will be.  Writing every week in Mrs. Bezich’s class has helped me,” said Seventh Grader Maddy R.

Others feel ready to take on the challenge of the STAR.

“I feel confident, but I am not excited about taking it.  I also think I am ready for the STAR writing test,” said Seventh Grader Nick G.

In the last few days before the STAR, students can continue to help themselves do well on the test by reviewing their notes and going over the rubrics given to them by their ELA teachers.

“Students have just a few days left to go over what they have learned in class.  I feel they are prepared.  They have worked hard and are ready to get this behind them,” said Bezich.

Pearlman agrees.

“I’m impressed by how much they’ve grown, tremendously impressed, but I’m most proud of their unflappable attitude.  I’ve asked a lot of them, but they’ve faced each writing challenge with aplomb and tenacity.  Oh, they’ll do great-of that, I have no doubt!” said Pearlman.

As the test is being passed out, students will be ready to say with conviction and confidence, “Bring it on!”

Sixth and Eighth Graders will be writing as well that day.  The state testing people will grade the Seventh Graders’ test and RMS ELA teachers will grade the Sixth and Eighth Graders’ essays.

We wish everyone the best!


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