Battling It Out In Noon Competitions

Teachers vs. Students Basketball Noon League

By Hadley C. 

Basketball, football and trivia, oh my!  Noon Leagues are all the talk going around RMS these days.   Football and Trivia were the sports in the fall and the basketball games were played this winter.   All the games are fiercely played and quite a sight to see.  At lunch recess you can see the teams battling it out to be the champions.

P.E.  Teacher, Ms. Lauren Kamiyama, runs Noon Leagues and math teacher, Mr. Michael Fujii, is in charge of the trivia competition.  For Trivia, teams of four compete against each other with  Fujii asking questions on a wide range of topics from pop culture, science, social studies and math.  This year’s winners of the trivia challenge were the teachers:  Mrs. Mandy Malpede, Mrs. Joelle Connor, Mr. Wayne Sheu and Ms. Sara Pearlman.

“Noon Leagues are fun and exciting to watch and play in,” said Seventh Grader Julia H.

Many kids love the energy provided during Noon Leagues.

“Noon Leagues are a great way to be competitive, have fun and hang out with your friends at recess,” said Seventh Grader Amanda M.

Also it gives students looking forward to be playing sports, and being active.

“They’re fun!” said Seventh Grader Matt D.

So remember, if you like sports, being competitive and hanging out at lunch recess with your friends, then next time be sure to get a team together and sign up for Noon Leagues.  Otherwise, you will miss out on all the fun!





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