Malpede Makes Learning Fun

Mrs. Mandy Malpede

By Eric H.

Students ask this question every day. Well, what’s the question?  It’s who is your favorite teacher?

“Mrs. Malpede is my favorite teacher,” said Seventh Grader Kimberly O.

Mrs. Amanda Malpede is a Seventh Grade science teacher. She has been teaching for eight years and loves RMS.

“I love teaching at RMS because the students are great”, said Malpede.

Since there are two science teachers for the Seventh Grade, Malpede teaches about ninety percent of the entire Seventh Grade.

Did you know Malpede hasn’t always taught here at RMS? She was a student teacher at Madrona Middle School first.

Malpede’s favorite subject has always been science. That’s part of the reason why she loves teaching here at RMS.

“I love teaching here,” said Malpede.

Malpede loves school activities. Her favorite activity is dodgeball. Out of all of the school activities, that is her favorite because she can beat almost anyone and understands all the rules. She also enjoys school events like the Talent Show and the Rattlesnake Run.

Malpede graduated from Cal Poly with a masters. Cal Poly is a college that prepares students for science and technical careers.

In addition to earning a top education, Malpede enjoys traveling. She has been to Chile, South America, Belize, Guatemala, and Cambodia. She also loves food from around the world too, like: Sushi, Indian, and Mexican. She has been on so many trips she has lost count.

Another fact about Malpede is that she is married and just recently had a little boy named Brody.  Brody and Former PE Teacher, Ms. Michelle Giampapa’s new baby, Elizabella, often have play dates.

Besides having fun with her baby, Malpede has fun with her students.

So, if you ask “Who is your favorite teacher?”  A lot of students at RMS will say “Malpede because she makes learning fun.”

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