Bookworm: Reesha Suggests Interesting Novels

Mrs. Jackie Reesha

By Madyson F.

Mrs. Jacquelyn Reesha, the librarian for fifteen years at our school, enjoys being the librarian because it is “fun and there is so many things to do”.

Her favorite part about being a librarian is helping kids find books. Books that everyone likes in the library are mostly books that are series like The Hunger Games and Cirque De Freak. Reesha has always wanted to be a librarian because she loves working with students, likes books, and loves computers.

Reesha lived in Glendale, and then moved to Torrance because she heard it was a nice area. Even though she had a job as a telephone operator and did community service work in Long Beach, she enjoys being a librarian best.

She loves going to the movies, reading, and playing with her grandchildren. She loves to travel with her husband, too. Her favorite subject in school was English and attended Long Beach Community College and also Cal State University of Long Beach. She is the oldest of two girls and had two girls and one boy herself.

Reesha loves being the librarian of RMS and hopes to stay as one for a while longer.

So, if you need a suggestion on what novel to read next, just go to Reesha. She has lots of ideas and can pull the book right off the shelf for you.


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