Meet Your Student Council

2011-2012 Student Council

By Devon K.

Many people do not understand what Student Council is or what they do. Made of thirteen officers and numerous homeroom representatives, they create ways to make everyday school life more exciting.

Leadership skills are developed as this group of students voted by their peers, get together every Thursdays at lunch in Seventh and Eighth Grade Mathematics Mr. Michael Fujii’s class, Room 14. Along with Fujii, Ms. Kelli Whittaker and Ms. Jessica Rodriguez join in the weekly meetings. Leading the meetings is Student Body President, Michael S. Michael S. is in charge of creating agendas and making meetings efficient and productive. When he talks, he refers to it as “preaching”. As he has been president since the fifth grade, he has a lot of experience in Leadership.

“People run for Student Council to connect the student body’s ideas to the school and the Council to make dreams a reality,” said Michael S.

One of Student Council’s jobs is to create activities to make life on campus enjoyable. These Richardson Middle School students organize dances, fundraisers and spirit days. In addition, LCC or Lunch Class Competition helps grade levels gain valuable class competition points. Organizing dances means coming up with themes, decorating the cafeteria, create flyers, pass out snacks and clean up afterwards.

For Spirit Days, Council members collect ideas on how to show their class spirit every Friday. Eighth Grade class color is blue, Seventh Grade is purple and Sixth Grade is yellow. These same colors will carry onto South High School. Usually, Spirit Chair counts and tallies up people wearing their class color. Fundraising activities will be held in the near future.

Your Eighth Grade Cabinet members are:

Michael S., Student Body President

Shelby F., President,

Devon K., Secretary,

Brandon A., Activity Director

Emily S., Spirit Chair

Your Seventh Grade Cabinet members are:

Amanda M., President,

Marta M.,Vice President,

Kanta M., Activity Director

Olivia A., Spirit Chair

Your Sixth Grade Cabinet members are:

Hollord C., President,

Bryce D., Vice President,

Maddie M., Activity Director

Caroline M., Spirit Chair

Student Council is both a teaching and learning experience. Being in Student Council teaches you how to be a leader because it is practiced every week. This helps students at Richardson Middle School grow and become better leaders.

“If Student Council was a value meal, I would get super size,” said Fujii.

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