New “Kid” in Town: Kamiyama

Ms. Lauren Kamiyama

By Devon K.

Out of the many new teachers at Richardson Middle School, Seventh and Eighth Grade Physical Education Teacher, Ms. Lauren Kamiyama, is a standout in sports.

Born in Long Beach, California, Kamiyama grew up in Cerritos playing three favorite sports. Her first favorite is basketball, second is soccer and third is softball. She started playing basketball at age four, soccer at six, and softball at seven.

Kamiyama played basketball and soccer at Cerritos High School and basketball at Chapman University. She wrote for her high school newspaper and was the sports editor. With her favorite number being two, this was her number in high school and college sports. Along with sports came three knee surgeries all on her ACL, or anteriorcruciate ligament.

Kamiyama grew up in a family of educators. Her parents were athletic directors and physical education coaches. Her older brother, Darin, is thirty-two and is an English teacher in Japan. Younger brother, Stephen, is twenty-eight and he is into finance. Her role models are her parents.

Kamiyama collects vinylmations which are Disney characters in a Mickey Mouse form. With her annual pass, she goes to Disneyland all the time. She can speak some Japanese.

Another favorite activity is going on Grunion runs. A Grunion is a small fish about the size of a sardine. They go ashore to lay their eggs on the beach near the shoreline. Grunions come at night after a hightide near a full or new moon during the spring and summer months. The excitement comes when people try to catch these Grunions by hand at night. Open season is March, June, July and August. Do not be too surprised if you happen to run into Kamiyama during one of these Grunion runs.

This first-year teacher has many favorites. Her favorite movie is “Hoosiers” which is, of course, about basketball. Her favorite color is blue. Chris Paul, or CP3, is her favorite NBA player on the Los Angeles Clippers. He is her favorite player because he is a point guard and has “great character”. French fries are her favorite food and Dr. Pepper is her favorite drink.

When she is not teaching physical education at Richardson, Kamiyama coaches Fifth Grade basketball, enjoys movies, shopping and shooting hoops. She also likes to hang out with her friends. Kamiyama likes to cook all sorts of food such as salmon, spaghetti, tacos, chicken chow mein and sloppy joes. Going to NBA games and traveling are also some of her hobbies. She has been to Japan ten times. Another fun fact is that she has a lifesize picture of herself.

The next time you pass the blacktop and see a fresh face, just say “hi” because you just met Kamiyama.

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