Oden to the Second Power

Mr. Jeff (or is it David?) Oden

By Amanda M.

Who is taking time after school to coach the RMS Basketball Team for the big game against Calle Mayor?  If you answered Mr. Jeffrey Oden, you are right.

Oden, who teaches PE here at Richardson Middle School, is a huge fan of sports. He has played basketball, volleyball, softball, and golf. He also loves watching the USC Trojans play football in his free time. (Bruins on campus won’t hold that against him.)

This is Oden’s tenth year teaching physical education, and his love of sports combined with his time teaching has given him a lot of experience when it comes to helping kids stay fit and active. His favorite part about teaching PE is being able to interact with the students and see them learn about sports.

Oden doesn’t teach all the time, though. He likes to play sports and Modern Warfare 3 in his free time, and enjoys Mexican food. On vacations, his favorite destination is San Francisco. As for entertainment, Oden loves The Stand, a book written by Steven King. He also likes watching Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, which is his favorite movie.

As you can see, there are a lot of things you didn’t already know about Oden. You probably didn’t know that he was born in San Pedro, or that he has an identical twin brother named David. Maybe David has substituted for Oden without the students knowing. Think you could tell the difference?  You may have already been fooled and not even know it.

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