RMS Welcomes New Science Teacher Sheu

Mr. Waynesford Sheu---Photo By Kristy L.

By Kristy L.

Most kids in Seventh and Eighth Grade have heard of Mr. Waynesford Sheu or have him for Science, but they might not know very much about him. His full name is Waynesford W. Sheu, and he is a Seventh and Eighth Grade Science Teacher here at Richardson. He was born in Taipei,Taiwan and moved to California with his parents when he was three years old. Currently, he resides in Pasadena.

Not surprisingly, his favorite subjects in school were science and biology. Other than science at Richardson, he’s also taught Seventh Grade Health in the Los Angeles school district. Other than teaching, he has had many more different jobs including filing medical papers, being an X-Ray technician, fixing cars, being a web designer at UCLA, working for three weeks for his dad in medical imaging and working in a biomedical science lab.

According to Sheu, working in a science lab was kind of boring.

“I didn’t like it because I couldn’t talk to other people,” said Sheu.

Sheu became a teacher because he really likes working with science and students.

“I really like working with students in middle school because I think science is really fun at this grade and it introduces a lot of different concepts,” said Sheu.

This science teacher’s favorite thing about teaching is that “everyday is really different, and kids surprise you with their knowledge.”

Sheu’s hobbies include working on cars and designing web pages.

“I’m very hands-on,” said Sheu.

Even though Sheu has only been a teacher for about two years, and only started teaching at Richardson this past September, he is already very popular among the students. So, if you don’t know Sheu already, pop by his classroom and get to know this nice and friendly science teacher.

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