Students Have Access to Supplies



RMS Student Store—Photo By Cheyenne M.

By Eric H.

Have you noticed students with rocking supplies? Well, most of the students are getting them at the Student Store located right here at RMS. The Student Store is an easy way to get cheap and fun supplies while helping out your school at the same time.

The Student Store is open every Wednesday and is located at the end of the line of bungalows next to Room 29. It is in a small cargo container. If it is open, there is a sign out. It’s the best way to get your school supplies.

The store sells a variety of items. It has erasers in food shapes, animal shapes and also in puzzles. Some of the erasers are scented.  There are also a variety of lead pencils, staplers and calculators. Almost anything you need for school is there!

Kathy Horton and Jamie Michel are the people in charge of the Student Store. Both of them started a similar store at the Riviera Elementary about six years ago. Both of them are very experienced and will make sure you find what you need.

The profits from the Student Store go directly back to the

Kathy Horton and Jamie Michel run the Student Store. Photo By Eric H.

students and may be seen in special activities on campus.  Teachers, you are also invited to shop the Student Store.

So, teachers and students if you have to buy supplies anyway, why not support your own school and buy them at our RMS Student Store?

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