Jazz Band Hits the Right Note

RMS Jazz Band—–Photo By Joe Petito

By Eric H.

Have you noticed people feeling the beat and tapping their feet here at RMS? Recently, Music Teacher Mrs. Karrie Willett started a Jazz Band. Jazz band has its own style and allow students to play their instruments in a different style.

Willett has sought out the help of an assistant with the Jazz band. His name is Mark Seraydarian. You may know his son, RMS’s Student Council President. Seraydarian and Willett play many instruments between them. With this experience, they are able to assist the students in creating the magical sounds of the Jazz Band.

Students are enjoying learning new styles of the magical sound they all make together.

“It also helps students prepare for the Jazz Band at South High School if they are interested,” said Willett.

The Jazz Band is a great way to play your instrument using different styles. The group meets every Wednesday and Friday at lunch in Room 2.

What is Jazz? It is a kind of music that makes you tap your foot. There are two main kinds of Jazz that many people play. The first one is Swing. Swing is a very fast style with consecutive eighth notes. Another kind of Jazz is Ragtime. Ragtime is a kind of jazz that is structured like a march.

In a way, both of the jazz styles here are similar, but if you listen to both of them you can hear very noticeable differences. Ragtime is made up of many rhythms broken down into melodies. Swing and Ragtime are two of the many kinds of jazz that the Jazz Band plays every week.

When playing jazz, there are a variety of instruments used. You can play jazz with any instrument but for a smooth sound these instruments: piano, trombone, drums, clarinet, upright bass, bass guitar, saxophone, and the trumpet are commonly used. Most of these instruments are in the Jazz Band at school but a few are not. When you think of jazz what do you think of first? Is it the saxophone, clarinet or the trombone? Well believe it or not the flute is actually a jazz instrument too. When people think of the flute, they think of a peaceful melody, but the flute can get very loud. Even though flutes are not in RMS’s Jazz Band, they still are an instrument that can be found in jazz.


RMS’s Jazz Band is made up of one trombone being played by the only girl, Kimberly O. Also Michael S. is the only piano player. There are five saxophones. Playing Alto Saxophones are Houssam J and Alex W. Playing Tenor Saxophones are Nickola S. and Koby B. Playing Baritone Saxphone is James B. They have one bass guitar played by Luca B. and one guitar played by Josh M. There are three trumpet players who are Luka S., Gabriel H., and Eric C.  Also, Kyler M. plays the vibraphone and Aaron B. plays the drums.

Jazz Band practices. Photo By Eric H.

Even though Jazz Band at our school is quite small, they make a big noise. This year they have planned to perform five concerts in front of an audience.

“The Jazz band is a huge success and we are going to try to do the Jazz Band next year,” said Willett.

Editor’s Note: The Jazz Band is looking for more trumpet and trombone players. If you are interested in joining the Jazz Band, talk to Mrs. Karrie Willett soon.

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