Poetry Corner

By Cheyenne M.


I dream of those special days.

They are soon to come,

To break me away.


I lust for that moment you’ll hold me in your arms…

For you to explain the rules of this forbidden art…


Each night I fall into a black hole of dreams,

All beginning with you,

All ending with me.


Traveling down this long wind of truth,

Waiting for that day,

For it to be us against the world.



You asked for a friend,

I gave you one.

I gave you myself,

My fullest love.

I let you pour your deepest thoughts…

I took your words and inputted them straight to that secret place in my heart.

I set your ringtone as a special song…

One that speaks to me as if it was my song.

If you ever call while I’m in deep sleep,

Your ringtone will wake me up…

It will tell me your weak.

I’ll never let you down…

When you need me the most…

I will never let you fear…

Even the furthest distance could not begin to interfere.

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