Yearbook Club Preserves Memories

Yearbooks---Photo By Hadley C.


By Kristy L.

Everyone loves getting their yearbooks at the end of the year, but have you ever wondered who puts them together? That would be our group of students right here at Richardson under the supervision of Technology Teacher, Mr. Joe Petito.

Every year, starting from September, students work hard at putting yearbooks together for the school to enjoy. The Yearbook Club meets in Petito’s Room 27 at lunch to do everything from making page layouts to taking pictures.

Petito, who has been working on yearbooks with a Yearbook Club since 2000 says it is done by kids for kids.

“It’s the student’s yearbook, so they should be the ones making it,” said Petito.

There is a special theme for each yearbook, so each one is different. It is made with an online application, and students can log on and work on it anytime.

In Yearbook Club, nobody has one specific job, but each member has their favorite. Seventh Grader Ashley V. likes doing the pictures and putting in backgrounds to “make it more colorful and lively.”

Fellow Seventh Graders Anna M. and Bethanie T. both like taking pictures, but in addition, Anna M. likes computer editing because it is “challenging and fun.” Bethanie also likes to design pages.

According to Petito, the people who come most of the time are the ones that make the important decisions. So if you’re interested in helping to create the 2011-2012 Yearbook, come to Room 27 at lunch! Helping hands are always welcome.

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