Poetry Corner

The Power of Perfection

By Cheyenne M.

She isn’t as perfect as she may seem,
Sure, she dodges the conceptions of the cheap, lonely thieves…
As they find a need to scrutinize her every deed,
Lingering in the distance,
Watching for something that’s not suppose to happen.

She is damaged, and dismayed,
She is falling to parts,
She’s waiting for that lovely day…
When she’ll begin a much needed fresh start.

She could win an oscar for creating that second self,
For hiding the depression,
And portraying another melodramatic self.

All she ever wanted was to be the definition of beauty,
So she held back herself,
Unwilling to break free…
She later realized that when she was herself,
She was true beauty.

It was just her impulse…
That’s what told her “what she needed to be,”

She began to beg her inner enemy,
‘Please let me go, Please let me free.’

She dropped the act,
Set it free,
Went back to herself,
Resisted the need.

Though, the powerful demon was never completely set free,
The worst it could try to do,
Is haunt her in her dreams.
It holds no power over her old act…

She ended with a new beginning,
Forgot about that time,
Where perfection was her only need.
She started over…
And told herself, “Never again will the power of perfection,
Demand me to put on such an intolerable act, that didn’t help myself
Didn’t set me free.”

The False Faith

By Cheyenne M.

I imagined it as a date…
Our first date.
As my method to recover..
But as this secret affair continues to form,
I realize this is far too much of a fabricated exchange.
My attention becomes compromised as your allure attraction adopts my sanity…
Metamorphose my attachment,
Into a sensible, intangible relation…
Where I’ll lust for your ecstasy…
But I already know…
You’ll relapse into her destructive domination,
Only because you’re frightened by the fact that she has you in a bottomless trance…

Be Gone

By Cheyenne M.

Sprinting into the fear of your existence,
Daring to slip into the depths of your darkness.
Shut out the monsters before they find you at your weakest.
Once they find you,
You’re gone.
The fear will take over…
Make you disappear.

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