Fujii, Former Boy Band Member, Brings Glee To RMS

Mr. Michael Fujii

06 Let’s Stay Together


By Hadley C.

It all started at John Adams Elementary and Vista Grande Middle School for this teacher. Who? Well, Mr. Michael Fujii of course. In school, his favorite subject was math, naturally, and he was on Student Council. That may explain why he is in charge of it now at RMS.

Wondering if this amazing, singing teacher was in Glee Club? Not exactly, but he was in Band and Chorus. After school Fujii would come home and hang out with his family which included his sister who is two and a half years younger and his brother who is six years younger than him. He also enjoyed collecting basketball cards, but he grew out of that once he graduated to and attended Peninsula High School.

After his high school days ended, he became a mighty UCLA Bruin! It was at this beautiful Brentwood campus where Fujii gained all of his knowledge about economics and math. During college he thought he would become an accountant.  But it proved too boring. Rather than working on people’s taxes all day, Fujii decided to become a teacher. He got his degree and became a student teacher. Fujii’s teaching journey began in Torrance and he eventually ended up at RMS.

When Fujii finally became a full-time teacher, he started at Parras Middle School.There he taught math and social studies for one year. Many of you readers might not have known this fact about Fujii but he actually started by teaching social studies. Then after just one year at Parras, he came to join us—as the youngest teacher at RMS! After being here three years, Fujii has found many new friends among the RMS teachers and staff members.

Fujii and former P.E teacher, Ms. Michelle Giampapa, ran Glee Club together for a year and now he is carrying out this duty all by himself.  As his students well know, he is an amazing singer, and he loves to play the the keyboards and strum his guitar during class.

In addition to Glee Club, Fujii is also in charge of the Student Council and the Trivia Competition. Whenever he has a little time away from teaching, grading, and planning RMS dances with the Student Council, you can find Fujii relaxing in “Para-para-paradise”, aka Hawaii.

After school Fujii sits down to watch T.V. He enjoys many types of shows and he also loves to watch sports.  Not just a couch potato, Fujii loves to play sports too. He even is an adventurous eater. The weirdest thing he has ever eaten was chicken hearts and real snails (not escargot).

Very few people know that Fujii was a proud member of a boy band at one time. It was only for “10 minutes”, but his three good friends and he formed a band back in their younger days.

”We had a rocking harmony, and we even sang the Star Spangled Banner!” said Fujii.

Ever since Fujii came to RMS, it has been a more cheerful, soulful, and musical. Thank you, Mr. Fujii, for all of the extras you do for our students!

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