Award-Winning Music Department and Colorguards Keep Busy With Performances



By Madyson F.

The RMS Band, Calle Mayor Band, and SHS band played at a South Bay Area Festival at South High School on Thursday, March 1. Lots of preparation took place to be able to hold the event. They played four songs: the first one was Irish Air and Dance, Black is the Color, Bucimis, and Adrenaline Engines. Adrenaline Engines was performed together by all three bands as the final song.

“I thought that all of the performances were great, but the last song was extraordinary,” said Band Director Karrie Willett who conducted.

People enjoyed the joint show and said they looked forward to it again next year.

“It was a very interesting and an enjoyable show,” said several people in the audience.


By Desiree P.

On Friday March 2, our very own RMS Choir, led by Music Teacher Mrs. Karrie Willett and Mrs. Laura Savitz, performed in the Forum Festival held at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton, California. They received a Silver ranking for their performance.

“I can’t believe we got a Silver ranking”!  said Sixth Grader Kristen S.

Sixth Grader Elisa B. received an Outstanding Musicianship Award for singing a solo on Kyrie. This just proved that the judges at this competition were impressed by the singing of the RMS Choir Students.

After the competition, the whole Choir celebrated by going to Knott’s Berry Farm.  The Sixth and Seventh Graders chose small groups in which they were chaperoned by adults.  However, the Eighth Graders went on their own.

“It was awesome. I had a great time!” said Sixth Grader Maya P.

So, if you see anyone in the Choir, congratulate them on a job well done.



By Madyson F.

The Richardson Colorguard team had a Colorguard performance on Saturday, March 3 at West High School. As they work hard every week on their flag work, they had been looking forward to this event for months.

The RMS Flag Team danced and did flag work to the song “Footloose” for their routine. As they got dressed for their performance, they all were hoping to win First Place. They practiced their routine over and over again until it was their time to compete. As they waited, the girls said that they were “nervous, but also excited”.

“They did better than they had done during the practices”, said Ms. Karrie Willett after the show was over.

RMS Colorguards brought home the Second Place Trophy. Congratulations, RMS Colorguards!


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