RMS Welcomes the New “Sheriff” in Town: Chad Mabery

Principal Mr. Chad Mabery


By Devon K.

There is a new sheriff in town and his name is Mr. Chad Mabery, new principal of Richardson Middle School.  This Michigan State University graduate, where he played college football and majored in math, has been working in schools for the past fifteen years.  He taught physical education and math at Manhattan Beach Middle School, math and science at North High School and was the Assistant Principal at South High. Currently, Mabery attends UCLA graduate school.

He has two daughters, two-year-old Jordan and four-year-old Emma. With his family, he enjoys spending time outdoors either playing sports or games. Roxy and Bumpy are two small rescue dogs they own. Outside of teaching, Mabery is really into technology. He reads news and articles on the internet.

Modern Family and Jersey Shore with Pauly D., being his favorite character, are some of his favorite television shows. The Daily Show, American Idol and X Factor are his favorite reality shows. His favorite team is Michigan State and Detroit because he grew up there. His favorite sports are football and basketball. When he is not playing ball, he enjoys french fries along with Diet Coke. For a sweet snack, Mabery loves Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and red licorice.

Having been raised in Detroit, he visits his family in Michigan every summer. He also visits Chicago because his wife’s family lives there. Mabery has traveled to Italy, England, Greece, China and several Latin American countries. In the future, he would like to go to Africa and the Middle East to learn about the culture.

When asked about students and how they can be better students, Mabery had this advice, “The two most important things that students should focus on are doing the best they can academically and being a good person to others.”

Coming from being an administrator in high school, Mabery finds big differences in how students act in school at the different levels.

“There is a huge difference between middle school and high school. In middle school, students should focus on finding out who they are and developing skills. High school is more focused on college and staying out of trouble,” said Mabery.

Mabery is glad to be here and has a word of advice.

“Learn from the past, but live in the present and plan for the future,” said Mabery.

Welcome, Sheriff Mabery! RMS is fortunate to have you hitch your horse to our hitching post and stay a spell.

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