Where’s Mr. Rattles?

A new award has been given to a RMS teacher to keep for a month.  It is called the Rattlesnake Rockstar. 

Principal Mr. Chad Mabery gave out the first award to one teacher on our campus.  This teacher was described as someone who has overcome her struggles with technology and is working hard to try new things.  She works with the Lunch Academy and is on the Social and Positive Behavior Committees as well as Leadership. She was very kind to Mabery when he first arrived at RMS and continues to ask him quite often if there is anything she can do to help.

Can you guess who this Rattlesnake Rockstar is yet?  Do you need more clues?  She is a Sixth Grade Teacher and loves yellow M&M’s.  Did you figure it out?

See if you can find Mr. Rattles, as was named by the Sixth Graders, the Rattlesnake Rockstar “trophy”.

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