Rattlesnakes Run, Walk, Laugh, Play…








By Eric H.

On March 2nd, RMS held their annual Rattlesnake Run.  All of the students had to run or walk as many laps as they could to raise money for the school.  It was not all work.  The Rattlesnake Run has been going on for many years and the students look forward to doing it each time. 

Students were encouraged to get pledges for each lap they made. If a person raised over ten dollars for the school, they had the chance to win huge prizes.

“All students who collect $10.00 or more in pledges are entered into the drawing for over forty awesome prizes such as gift cards for AMC, Gable House Bowl, Robeks Smoothies, Handel’s Ice Cream Shop, two digital cameras and a skateboard deck from Vanguard.  The student who collects the most pledges will receive a $100.00 Visa gift card,” according to the bulletin announcement.

Instead of finding pledges, many kids just donated to the school just because they wanted the exciting prizes. Even if you are one of those students who walked, everyone walked at least a mile. If you think about it, that’s over 5,280 feet.

There are several students who walked much more than a mile, which is about four times around our field.

This is one of the students’ and staff’s favorite school activity.  A special bell schedule allows each class to be shorten by a few minutes in order for Period Six to be two hours long.  Students all had Period Six for one hour and walked for another.  Some students went 6A and some went 6B to the field. 

This was several people’s first Rattlesnake Run.  Mr. Joseph Quansah, our Security Guard enjoyed it.

“This year has been so much fun and it keeps on getting better and better. This Rattlesnake Run is so much fun seeing everyone have a great time,” said Mr. Joseph, as he is known by the students and staff.

Noon Assistant, (alias Jack of All Trades, as called by some), Big Bill Beretta was also having a great time.

“All of the staff likes the Rattlesnake Run because it is a great time to see all of the students being active and having a good time at school,” said Big Bill.

Many teachers say the Run gets better every year.

“I think the Rattlesnake Run seems to be more and more organized each year.  The kids have a great time with their friends while doing something for a great cause.  It is fun to see everyone smiling and laughing,” said ELA Teacher Mrs. Leslie Bezich.

New students look forward to doing it for the first time. Most elementary schools do some sort of run every year, but most can say the Rattlesnake Run is the most exciting because we have great music, teachers, staff, and students.  This year’s Run was no exception.

The final count of money for the pledges will be done in a couple of days in order to see how financially successful this year’s Run was; but right now, kids and staff had a lot of fun and that is what counts.

Editor’s Note:  Thanks to all who participated in the run/walk.  Anyone who has not turned in their pledge money, please do so.  The monies collected go back into school activities that directly benefit the students.  Thanks to all who helped out with the very successful Rattlesnake Run.

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