RMS vs. Calle Game: Hoop, There It Is!

By Hadley C.

Swish! The crowd goes wild; RMS is up by three points. Thank-you, Jake M.!

These boys and girls have been practicing for the big Calle vs. RMS Game since the beginning of February, but most of them have been dreaming about it for a lifetime. Like Sara N., center for the Girls Team, and Kristy T., point guard for the Girls Team, both have been playing basketball since kindergarten. This year,the boys were coached by P.E. teacher Mr. Jeff Oden while P.E. teacher Ms. Lauren Kamiyama coached the girls.

Most of you readers watched the Pep Rally that the Student Council set up. Math teacher Mr. Michael Fujii came up with the ideas, but wanted it to revolve around the two basketball teams. He started with a relay where players had to put whip cream on their faces. Everyone enjoyed watching, and hopefully the participants had fun as well.

Finally it was game time.  Tuesday was the night. The time was now. We had to give 110% and leave it all on the court. Up first was the girls game.  The RMS team played hard and came up just a few points short.

“It was a close game and I had fun playing next to all of my friends,”  said Eighth Grader Sara N.

Then came the Sixth Grade Shoot Out. Our Sixth Graders were amazing, so no doubt we beat Calle.

“ It was really fun to shoot in front of everyone. I’m really happy we won and hope to be out on the court again in Eighth Grade!” said Sixth Grader Hannah M.

Next, it was the boys’ game. It was so close. Sorry, Calle, in the end RMS put it away and WE WON!  The game was sealed at the end by some great free throw shooting by Chase C. Then, when things got really tight, Jake M. swished a  beautiful three point shot. The whole team then played tight defense to hold on to a hard fought 26-22 win!

“Great job guys, we deserved it!” said Sebastian Y.

During halftime of the boys’ game, the Seventh Grade Shoot Out took place.  No doubt the RMS hoopers won again.  Thank you to Taylor B., Fiona P., Lauren T.  The boys were Ian H. and Jordan T.  Also the teachers had a shoot out where Mrs. Connor made two.  This gave us a two shot win over the Calle teachers.

“It was super fun and I loved cheering on the team.  Go RMS!” said Seventh Grader Lydia W.

All and all the game was a must see!  Everyone had fun screaming, playing and watching the intense battle. At the end of the game, RMS students stormed the court to show how excited they were to win.  Congratulations RMS!  See you next year, Calle.

Those involved were as follows:

Girls Team- Marysa C, Nouran F., Sarah N., Jordan P., Kristy T., Emma T., and Jessica U.

Boys Team-Chase C., Daniel G., Kamaka H, Houssam J., Joel K., Jake M., Devin R., and Sebastian Y.

6th Grade Shooters- Kelly H., Hannah M., Madeline B., Kevin I., Jordon F., and Noah D.

7th Grade Shooters-Lauren T., Fiona P., Taylor B., Julia H., Mustafa A., Ian H., and Christian L.

Staff/Faculty Shooters- Mrs. Joelle Connor, Mr. Michael Fujii, and Ms. Lauren Kamiyama

01 Viva la Vida

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