Karin S. and Chloe B. Show Dedication to Gymnastics

Seventh Grader Karin S.

By Amanda M.

Everyone has a special talent or hobby, right? Some people like to play sports, others like to write or draw pictures. Karin S. and Chloe B. love to do gymnastics, and, after years of practice and hard work, they’ve become really good at it.

Starting at two and three years old, Chloe (Grade 6) and Karin (Grade 7) have fallen in love with gymnastics. They train and practice at Studio West for 10-15 hours every week and are both at Level 7.

“It’s never an average day!” said Karin, referring to training sessions at Studio West.

Karin and Chloe, both on the same gymnastics team, practice events like bars, vault, beam, and floor, while also having fun and messing around.

“[At practices] we stretch and then either go to conditioning for half an hour or go straight to our events,” said Chloe.

Sixth Grader, Chloe B.

The team trains hard during the week and goes to competitions on weekends. How many competitions have they been to?

“Too many to count!” said Karin.

Some of the places they’ve traveled to compete are Bakersfield, San Diego, and Arizona. Some competitions are hosted at Studio West. The team, a group of eighty-five girls, has won many awards and titles including Level 4 & 5 State Championships!

Karin and Chloe’s special talent is gymnastics. They practice every day and even hang out at the gym in their free time.

What’s your special talent? There’s so many to choose from: basketball, soccer, bowling, and tennis just to name a few. Who knows? Maybe your special talent is gymnastics, too.

Editor’s Note:  Professional photo of Chloe B. is used with permission by photographer Rafael Beer.

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