From The Big Apple to Richardson: Lang Finds Home

Assistant Principal Justine Lang


By McKenna E. and Devon K.

Many students do not know the real Justine Lang, our new Assistant Principal.  Growing up in the “Big Apple”, also known as New York, she traveled often. Her father, Bernie, was in charge of the famous trick basketball team, the Harlem Globetrotters. Traveling from state to state, the team performed entertainment shows for their audiences. Lang also traveled to forty-two out of the fifty states.

Lang’s childhood consisted of a tremendous amount of traveling.  When she was six years old she moved to Agoura Hills, California with her parents and older brother, Mike.  She later attended an all-girls high school, Louisville, where she took up the interest in cheer and singing in Woodland Hills, California.

“We also had a boys school close by, so it’s not like we never had dances. We also had other events,” said Lang.

After graduating high school, Lang attended Santa Clara University.  At Santa Clara she majored in Political Science and Psychology. After college, she worked for a non-profit organization, the 1996 Presidential Campaign and she even has a picture with Former President Clinton!

She returned to California and became a teacher. For seven years Lang taught at John Adams Middle School in Santa Monica for sixth grade English and Social Studies. For five years, she taught at Las Flores Middle School in Mission Viejo for seventh grade English. Lang taught twelve years all together. Currently at Richardson, she is an Assistant Principal and Intervention Teacher.

Like everybody else, Lang has her favorites. Her favorite number is five and her lucky number is nine, both for no apparent reasons.  Her favorite candy is dark chocolate, especially since it is good for you.  Her favorite show is Grey’s Anatomy and her favorite movie is We Bought a Zoo. One of her favorite sports is basketball. She also enjoys re-reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho every year.  The background behind the book, about how Santiago goes on a journey to search for gold but finds his real self, is her favorite part. Lang also loves to eat pasta, spaghetti and her favorite restaurant is Benihana’s.  Also, like anyone, she has her pet peeves which include pen clicking and people saying “These Ones” because it is incorrect grammar.

During her free time, she loves to have fun with her nieces and nephew. Her seven-year-old twin nieces, Oliva and Meghan, and her four-year-old nephew, Grant like to do many activities. Activities they enjoy are playing favorite songs in the car and making arts and crafts. Lang also watches their soccer games while cheering them on from the sidelines. She also enjoys yoga. Due to her recent back injury, she usually goes walking at the beach instead of yoga.

Lang enjoys being at RMS and has words of wisdom for the students here.

“Middle school is such an important time to be true to yourself and find out who you really are.  It is also a time to learn tolerance and acceptance of others-very important qualities to have in order to be successful in life,” said Lang.

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