College Days at RMS


By MiMi B.

Facts from the RMS Blast:
*Last year over over 60,000 high school seniors applied to UCLA and only 13,000 were accepted (Editor’s Note:  There were 90,000 applications this year.  Our very own former student and Editor-in-Chief of The Latest Hiss, Kristen L., was just accepted to UCLA!  Congrats to you, Kristen!)

*University of California expects to increase tuition 8-16% over the next 4 years(Editor’s Note:  Community Colleges save you two years of high tuition for taking the same required courses.  Check them out.  Courses may be done online as well as at the individual campuses.)

*Long Beach State is an impacted CSU, which means the average GPA for students from out-of-service-areas, like TUSD, is over 3.60 (Editor’s Note:  Congrats to Jeremy B., who attended a TUSD high school, for being accepted to Long Beach State even though he decided to go to a private, Marymount College! )

*An estimated less than 50% of South High area students will get a bachelors degree within 6 years of high school graduation (Editor’s Note: Going to college takes patience and today, a couple of more years than when your parents enrolled.  But, with patience and motivation, anyone can do it.) 


March 12 thru March 16 was College Week at RMS.  Each day, something to celebrate college was done.  On Monday, teachers shared a PowerPoint about college with their homeroom students.  On Tuesday, students decorated their teacher’s doors with the college the teacher attended.  On Wednesday, students wore college jerseys.  On Thursday, students wore hats with college logos. Finally, on Friday, students wore shirts and sweatshirts with college names.

“College week was interesting and I liked how I got to learn about what colleges I could go to,” said Seventh Grader Alex D. (Quote courtesy of Madyson F.)

So, what is the best way to prepare for going to college?  First, visit college campuses.  See which one fits what you want to do when you get out of high school and your career choice.  Get a list of the requirements for that school.  Lastly, take those high school classes necessary to apply for that college of your dreams.

You must earn As and Bs in those classes.  Cs are like Fails and will not count for a college. Then, take the appropriate tests such as the SAT and the ACT.  The PSAT is a practice for the SAT and all students may take it as early as Ninth Grade.

Students apply for colleges in the Fall of their Junior year. Most applications are due right after Thanksgiving.  Acceptance letters are usually received in March.  There are exceptions, however.  Private colleges do not usually have the same deadlines and if you are interested in a private college, you need to ask them about their individual deadlines.

It is never too early to think about what college you want to attend and get into the study habits that they will require for you to earn the degree of your choice.  Happy College Hunting!

Mrs. Yu’s Door
Mr. Sheu’s Door
Mrs. Richmond’s Door
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