Seventh Graders Travel Back in Time





By Eric H.

Have you ever thought about what life was like back in the day? I don’t mean back fifty years ago, I mean back in Europe during Medieval Times. On March 15th,  the Seventh Graders went on their annual Medieval Times field trip. This is a field trip that the Seventh Grade class goes on every year and almost everyone enjoys it.

While at Medieval Times the Seventh Graders missed almost all of their classes. They left after second period and were bursting with excitement. Everyone was yelling and very jumpy. As everyone was getting into the busses, they were overflowing with lively conversation. People were talking and trying to picture what Medieval Times was going to look like. Many people were expecting something quite different than what they had pictured in their minds on the way.

After waiting in line for about twenty minutes, the Seventh Graders were let into a tiny hallway where group pictures were taken with the King and his daughter, the Princess of the castle.

Walking through the outdoor garden and into the main hall, students enjoyed looking at the horses in stalls and shopping the many stands which carried wooden swords, special headpieces and other fun collectibles from the time period.

After another twenty minutes or so, the King of the castle, called everyone to attention.  After some directions, he let people go into the huge arena.  Kids were given colored cards and sat in sections that matched their color.  Lunch was waiting for them when they arrived at their seat.

Several people said it was the best food they have had in a long time. Students were given a piece of chicken, corn on the cob, wedge of potato, flat bread, and a cookie.  As people were eating, the entertainment started.

The fight then began between knights and some dark clothed intruders. The knights won.  Then, the different colored knights came out to compete in several different games with their matching colored sections cheering them on. They used swords and many other weapons. The fight was over two hours long and full of fun exciting surprises. The competition was so exciting and people are still talking about Medieval Times a week later.

Knights were on horseback and were very skilled at manipulating the horses to do what they asked.  One rider did a show and the horse did a type of dance. Since we went for our Social Studies classes, the entire Seventh Grade class knew every bit of what was happening because of learning about it in class.

One of the highlights of the trip were the smoothies that sold for ten and fifteen dollars a piece. Everyone there wanted or got one. Medieval Times had about six flavors. One of the best parts was that it came with a King’s cup. The cup was made out of metal and looked like gold…or was it gold? Even though they were expensive, they were amazing!

Medieval Times was a fabulous day for everyone. It was great for the Seventh Graders because they missed class, saw an amazing show, and had a wonderful time with their friends. Don’t worry Sixth Graders, hopefully, you will get to go next year.

“It was really fun,exciting, and loud.  It was the best field trip ever!” said Seventh Grader Sebastian D.

Editor’s Note:  Photos above were taken by Mark Miller and his son, Trajan.

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