Students Chosen to Attend iLEAD Program


RMS iLEAD Members



iLEAD Members from all of the TUSD middle schools

Submitted by Mrs. Julie Yu

Twenty students were chosen to go to workshops and field trips for iLEAD, the TUSD Leadership Conference.

Students involved in the iLEAD program are as follows:

Noah A., Brandon A., Zahaira A., Chase C., Jodie C., Troy E., Janey H., Carlos H., Joel K., Brandon K., Jake M., Kylee M.,Sara N.,Brandon O.,Tyler O.,Madison P.,Toby S.,Tayshe T.,Natasha W., and Sebastian Y.

There are four components to the program. The first was a workshop
on self-esteem and students filled out an interest survey held at the Toyota Meeting Hall last Monday.

The second is the field trip to California State University Dominguez Hills where students will break out into areas of discipline based on their interest inventory.
For example, they will be able to meet with people in the School of Humanities, Math, or Sciences. They will meet with the financial aid counselor, admissions counselor, student advisor where they will discuss campus culture.

The third part is an acitivity here at RMS where the students will
apply what they’ve learned.

The fourth part is a final meeting at Torrance High Auditorium to
celebrate their participation in the program where their parents and
family are asked to join in celebrating the iLEAD members success.

To all of the iLEAD members, we are proud of you.

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