The Band Plays On…

By Eric H.

Do you know what the SCBOA is? Well, it stands for Southern California Band and Orchestra Association. Every year RMS band goes to this festival and tries to get a Superior ranking. There are mainly three levels the bands can get. Superior means you did the best you can do and that you didn’t make any mistakes in the music you played. The next ranking is Excellent. Excellent means you did a great job too, just with a few more problems. The last award is Good. It’s mainly the same just again with more mistakes. Then the list goes down. Well, what did RMS get this year?

For the past three years RMS has received Good rankings. Like it says in the name, that’s good! For the first time ever,  RMS received an Excellent. The reason why the Band got that this year is because they have more focused students that wanted to bring RMS’s reputation to the next level. Many of the students haven’t even been there before and couldn’t wait to perform.

Judging is done very differently than other activities. First, the students play a few songs for the judges. The judges see how talented our school is and they listen very carefully and make note on what students need to improve. After that, the judge comes in and works the Band privately and shows them what they need to do. This year, the RMS Band did the best they ever have done!

When people first got to the competition, they quietly walked into the theater and listened to a band perform. Then, the RMS Band walked into a room to rehearse for a few minutes. After that, the band performed three songs. After each of the songs were played, musicians waited patiently for the judges to say, “Go on”. This year the Band did the best they could and made an improvement. They competed against ten other schools and received Excellent ranking.

“We did better in some parts and messed up in parts we never have before, but the Band did a great job over all,” said Band Director Karrie Willett.

Band members look forward to their next competitions.  They now know how it works and what they need to do to get the higher rankings.  Congratulations, Band!


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