World Traveler President O’Brien Ends Her Term

Mrs. Donna Jo O’Brien presents award to Eighth Grader Lucy B. for the Rattlesnake Run.


By Devon K.

At some point, everyone has seen Mrs. Donna Jo O’Brien either coaching the Running Club or helping at events. This busy mother of two is always finding a way to make Richardson Middle School more exciting.

Not only does O’Brien lead the Running Club and Track Team, she is also the PTSA, or Parent Teacher Student Association, President of our school. Being President for two years, she and the PTSA is in charge of bringing programs to our school. Programs such as Adventures in Art, field trips, yogurt on Wednesdays and the Talent Show.

In addition, PTSA works with the administrators to get involved with the kids. O’Brien also attends PTSA Presidents’ and School Site meetings every month. At Richardson, it is called PTSA instead of PTA, Parent Teacher Association. She believes that students are just as important as parents and teachers. Some meetings are held at the Katy Geissert Civic Center Library near the plunge and in the RMS Teacher Lounge. Unfortunately, this is her last year as President as her two-year term is up. She is looking for a new president that can spice up our school.

Outside of school volunteering, O’Brien loves to paddle board. She usually practices out of Torrance and Rat Beach. Every year she trains for a long distance race. Her main, long distance races are the Catalina Classic and Rock to Rock. The Catalina Classic is Manhattan Beach to Catalina and Rock to Rock is Catalina to Cabrillo.

“Healthy body, healthy mind,” said O’Brien.

To add on to her interesting life, she is also a Pediatric Physical Therapist at Pediatric Therapeutic Network. There, she helps children with disabilities and helps to build their strength so the kids can kick a ball, play on the playground or walk. O’ Brien enjoys her job and making a difference in the lives of kids.

Traveling is huge in the O’Brien household. They have been all over the globe. Living in Europe six months, the family visited thirty-seven countries including Peru, Turkey, and Russia. The O’Briens also lived in Mexico for four months because Donna Jo’s favorite type of food is Mexican food. She would really like to go to West Africa or Costa Rica in the future.

During her free time, O’Brien adores spending time with her family. From watching her sixteen-year-old daughter, Maddie, swim or fourteen-year-old, Jessie, dance are her favorites. She also scrapbooks, hangs out with friends and is in a book club.  O’Brien is one of a kind and never would you find a duplicate.

Thank you for all you have done for us Mrs.O’Brien!

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