Leaving on a Jet Plane?



By Sarah D.

“Please step aside, as I check your luggage more thoroughly.”

These are words you don’t want to hear when you are at the airport on your way to your Spring Break or summer vacation. If you planning to fly somewhere this Spring Break, don’t get caught in security! Airports have very strict codes of what you are allowed to bring into the plane cabin. So, for a worry-free trip, here are some tips for packing and guidelines for luggage.

Some items that potentially could be used as dangerous weapons should be kept in checked bags, or bags that are not in the plane cabin with you. Some of these items are baseball bats, hockey sticks, knives of any kind, paintball guns, tools of any kind and scissors. If there is any other item that brings doubt to your mind if it would cause a problem in security or not, contact the airport prior to your journey.

Valuable items such as money should never be put in checked baggage. You should also keep jewelry, laptops, cell phones, cameras, prescribed medication, and other fragile items with you in the plane cabin. All liquids like shampoo, perfume, mouthwash, hairspray or gel may be no larger than 3.4 fluid ounces. Even if it means transferring that favorite shampoo into a little bottle, it is wise to do so or it will be confiscated by security. You don’t want to get caught and embarrassed.

If you happen to get a snow globe souvenir during your trip, make sure to put it in a suitcase or checked bag, because if you pack it in your carry-on, say good-bye to the trinket. Leave your water bottles and Coke cans behind in the car. Liquid items can be bought, though, once you are through security and then brought onto the plane with you.

Most airlines allow you to take onto the plane, one carry on suitcase and one personal item like a purse, laptop, camera bag, briefcase, cosmetic bag or a backpack. They also allow one free checked bag, but the rest you must pay for. A carry-on bag should be no more than twenty-five pounds and forty-five inches long.

Your checked bag should be no more than fifty pounds or the airline will most likely charge you extra. The size of the suitcase will be determined by the length of time at your destination and the weather and how many items you need to pack.

Here are some ideas of items to pack for your vacation.

SUITCASE-Pack according to destination/time spending at destination

· Tops · Pants · Sweatshirts/coat · Undergarments · Socks · Swimsuit · Shoes · Additional clothing garment(s)

MEDICAL · Band-Aids · Sunscreen · Needed medication (Including pills and creams) · Bug repellant (Depending on destination) · Lotion · Toothbrush · Toothpaste · Bar of soap · Small shampoo and conditioner · Deodorant · Any other necessary item needed for your sake.

Pack wisely, be safe and happy traveling!

Editor’s Note:  If you would like to see one of your trip pictures in the next issue of The Latest Hiss, please send it to lbezich@etusd.org  The picture needs to be of the student who attends RMS, alone or with other RMS students. The Latest Hiss staff cannot use pictures of people who do not attend this school. We need written permission from their parents or guardian.  RMS teachers and staff, we would love to see your pictures too! Thank you.  It will be fun to see where everyone has gone over Spring Break.

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