Enthusiastic Voyager, Mrs. Elaine Richmond

Mrs. Elaine Richmond

By Cindy C.

Many students may have heard of an awesome Seventh Grade Social Studies teacher that loves to travel a lot. Who do you think it is? Well, if you couldn’t figure it out, you should keep on reading.  It is Mrs. Elaine Richmond!  Her favorite subject was always Social Studies, and of course, she loves to read and watch historical fiction.

Richmond was born in San Francisco, then moved to Hawaii and lived there from ages five to seventeen.  After high school, she returned to California for the next fifteen years where she went to UCLA to get her undergraduate, Teaching Credential and Master’s Degree.  She also has worked on the campus for many years.

The next eighteen years, Richmond went off to France to teach English. Actually, she wanted to get into the Medical Field but Math was not “her subject”. Instead, she liked talking and reliving the past.

After all her travels including the Pacific, Fiji, Cook Island, New Zealand,Australia, Europe, North Africa, England, France, Spain, Italy, Morocco, Egypt, Cambodia, and Vietnam, which was almost half of the world, teaching world history and geography is like sharing all her life experiences.  That’s why she loves teaching.  Her next travel goal is to touch the rest of the continents which would be Ecuador and Peru.

Richmond’s travel experiences make history come alive. She has brought back numerous cultural objects from around the world. She shares them in the classroom in order for students to understand more.

“Mrs. Richmond makes learning fun and exciting,” said Seventh Grader Taylor B.

Others agree that her class is always interesting.

“I like her, she is a good teacher and makes things interactive,” said Seventh Grader Addison W.

Many others that were interviewed liked her way with kids.

“I like her because she is nice, calm and collected,” said Seventh Grader Alyssa S.

Besides teaching and traveling, Richmond also likes yoga, and walking under the sun in the desert.  Did you know that in the coming summer, Richmond and her youngest daughter will be visiting her oldest daughter in the Air Force in Germany? Then they will go see what is left of the  Berlin Wall and then head to Amsterdam.

Thank you, Mrs. Richmond, for sharing your life’s travel experiences and making your class come to life with your enthusiasm for learning.

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