Penny Wars Use Pennies To Save Lives


Submitted By Michael Fujii

Student Council’s upcoming fundraiser will run for the next two weeks (March 26-April 6), we will be running a fundraiser called “Penny Wars” for a charity that helps children with cancer.  Here are the basic rules:

1. Each homeroom will receive a jar to collect money.  Students will bring coins to their homerooms to earn points.

2. Point Values: 1 penny = 1 point; 1 nickel = 5 point; 1 dime = 10 points, etc.

3. “Sabotage” – Students can sabotage other homerooms by placing paper money into other classes’ jars.  $1 bill = -100 points; $5 = -500 points, etc.

4. Homeroom representatives and other Student Council officers will count the coins; teachers should NOT be asked to count the coins.

5. We will have little boxes for the students to take home to hopefully remind them to bring in their money.  They can also use the boxes to transport money to school.  I’ll have my TAs distribute the boxes into our mailboxes in the office.

6. The homeroom who has the most money at the end of the “war” will win a prize.

7. Homeroom representatives should count the money at least every other day.

Who will win?



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