Claire K. Swims Her Way To First Place

By Alex B.

Your adrenaline is rushing as you wait for that loud buzz of the airhorn that sends you to the pristine blue water down below your feet. How many people do you think are in this situation? Not many huh? Well, one is Sixth Grader Claire K. She loves to swim.

“My favorite thing is probably diving. I want to get better at it each time,” said Claire K.

Claire is a spunky Sixth Grader who swims as her sport. She is  5’1″ and living proof that swimming builds character.  She received a first place award in a recent meet.

“I got first place at the Champion Swim Meet in January. It was for freestyle,” said Claire K.

Claire would like to continue to swim.

“I will probably be swimming when I go to high school,” said Claire K.

She is deciding about joining the South High School’s Swim Team. She does enjoy the team she is currently on.

“I wanted to join a swim team so I can compete against other people and improve my strokes,” said Claire K.

This unique girl has been doing swim for almost a year now! Imagine how many countless hours she has put into the sport that she loves.

” I started Swim Team last year in June,” said Claire K.

Practices keep Claire busy and meets are frequent.

“I practice at Redondo Union High School on Tuesday and Thursday and at Mira Costa on Fridays. Places for swim meets vary,” said Claire K.

When you think of a swim team, you probably imagine 10 or 15 people on it.

“My swim team has probably 70 or so people on the whole team, but the whole team is divided into groups. My group has 20 people,”said Claire K.

As you know, there are a lot of types of swimming. There is competitive, synchronized, recreational, and occupational.

“I do competitive swimming and am an average speed racer,”said Claire K. with a smile.

She has many people who come to support and cheer her on to victory.

“My family and friends come and support me,” said Claire K.

Another activity that this multi-talented girl does is dance. She does ballet.

So, next time that you pass Claire K. in the hall, say “Hi” and ask her about swim and dance.  She will have a lot to tell you.


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