Penny Wars Come To An End


Mr. Michael Fujii needs a shopping cart to get the coins to Coin Mart. Money will go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

After a fierce battle of collecting coins and sabatoging homerooms with paper money, the results are in…

Kissner (8th Grade) 24,407

Bezich  16,216

Pearlman  15,070

Malpede 10,900

Kamiyama 10,052

Newman 5,169

Nowak 4,989

Case 3,093

Mufit 2,215

Sheu 1,807

Yu 1,623

Oden 1,463


Fujii 828

Willett 396

Holtz 319


Kissner (6th Grade) 220

Conner -479

Turner -536

Richmond -5,866

Who are the REAL winners of the Penny Wars?  The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society…they will be given $2,144.66 from RMS. That is a lot of pennies! Thank you to everyone who participated.

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