Stage Star Kyler M. Shines Brightly

By Kristy L.

There is a budding Broadway star at Richardson Middle School! You better believe it!  Kyler M. is an Eighth grader here at Richardson who is very determined to become Broadway’s next big thing.

In fact, he’s so determined that he says that, “Being very optimistic, I see myself as a dancer/singer/actor in a Broadway show.”

He already has a start in the show business too!  Kyler has been doing musical theatre for about five years.

What made him want to start doing this kind of acting?

According to him, it was “…because I loved to sing, but I realized that I (also) loved being onstage.”

He acts in shows such as Guys and Dolls, Anything Goes, and Damn Yankees.  His latest project was Guys and Dolls.

Acting is not all he does.  Kyler also dances for seven to ten hours a week.  He does jazz, ballet, tap, lyrical, and contemporary dance.

In addition, he plays the drums.  In fact, band is his favorite class here at Richardson Middle School.  He is also in the Jazz Band.  Playing the drums and dancing are his two favorite activities that he does during his free time.

Other than being a Broadway star, he would also like to do something in the field of science. Kyler M. may just be a middle school student now, but just watch. Soon you’ll be seeing him in movies and musicals everywhere!

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