Builder’s Club Promotes Goodwill

By Eric H.

Are you one of the many people that celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? Well, during the month of March the Builder’s Club had a great idea. The Builder’s Club wanted to sell grams that you (the students) could write and send them to a friend. The Builder’s Club made about twenty dollars for the school. Each of the grams was twenty-five cents. That means over one hundred students bought one. That is about one sixth of our school. Since the grams were only sold for about two weeks that is about ten students a day. Our school has so many great ideas, what ones will come next?

With the money the Builder’s Club made they are going to create an Easter game. The game is an egg hunt. The Builder’s Club is going to set up a scavenger hunt. The winner of this game will win… Just keep your eyes peeled because you never know when you might come upon an egg. This egg hunt is a great idea because kids get to have fun and the Builder’s Club will help the school earn more money.

Is there anything else? Well, the Builder’s Club will hopefully have a few more fundraisers. RMS’s Builder’s Club is the club that makes the fun things for school, along with Student Council.

How does the school get money? This year the Builder’s Club has done many fundraisers for the school. The school needs to give a big thanks to the Builders Club because they fund a lot of our fun school activities.

If you are interested in joining the Builder’s Club, please talk to Mrs. Stephanie Hunnel. Hunnel is the person in charge. The Builder’s Club is always looking for more people to join. It’s a great club!

“Most of the time we do fun art things and talk about what other fundraisers we can do for the school,” said Eighth Grader Jodie C.

Are you someone who cares about our school? If you just said yes then join the Builder’s Club. The Builder’s Club meets every Monday after school from three to four. See you there.

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