Are You An Artist?

By Eric H.

Well, are you an artist? Many students would say “Yes”. A great way how to find out is by experiencing Adventures In Art.

Adventures In Art is a great and fun way to do art. Adventures In Art has been going on for many years every since students entered kindergarten. Many students have loved it from the start. The others have gotten better and now almost everyone enjoys it because it is fun, easy, and you get to skip class!

At RMS the students will do a new Adventures In Art project every month and a half. Every time you go in it is different. It is different because the style, year it was made, and artist, will have changed. The art can go from Chinese to Renaissance.

Many students enjoy doing Adventures In Art because you get to increase your art ability.

Adventures In Art is also great for teachers. It lets teachers see how creative their students are. It shows everyone that it is a good thing to let students get a day off from work every once in a while.

“It shows me how it is great to have the students do art because it gets academic work off the student’s brains,” said Principal Chad Mabery.

The volunteers that run the art program have to go through some training. Every time before a new art project will come to RMS; the volunteers will go to a training center and follow instructions to make the project themselves. They will see how long it will take and how experienced you have to be. They also have to decide if it is reasonable to do in an hour. Volunteers are the reason we can do this at our school, so you must thank them the next time you do Adventures In Art.

Are you an artist? Even if you aren’t great at doing art at school, anyone is considered an artist if you try. If you pay attention and do your best you are an artist. Even if you think your art is bad there is someone that will love it. Over the years, many people have gotten better as an artist. Since most people have been doing it for over seven to nine years at school, you have gotten better. This is a great program that will hopefully be going on for many more years.

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