Bullies Are Cowards!

By Lauren H.

Webster’s Dictionary defines bullying as treating abusively in mind and/or spirit. Now, I know you may think bullying may not happen on campus. But it does!

The main type of bullying right now is Cyber Bullying. People are making fun of others all over the Internet- Facebook, Twitter, and many other sites. It plays with peoples’ minds and makes people feel inadequate. When in fact, the bully himself or herself is really a coward and doesn’t have the skills to simply talk to people face to face in a kind way.

Sometimes it’s not just kids. It can be adults, getting bullied at work. Bullying is everywhere. People bully about anything- if you look different, talk differently or if you have certain disabilities.

People think they have to just deal with bullies alone. Well, you don’t have to deal with them any longer. There are organizations and websites all over the place to help people stand up to bullying.  But, if this is happening at school to you, your first move is to tell an adult you trust, so it is stopped.

Rosalind Wiseman, the author of Queen Bees and Wannabees runs an organization that helps people deal with bullies http://rosalindwiseman.com/. Her book interested Tina Fey, who wrote the screenplay for the popular 2004 movie, starring Lindsay Lohan. It was called Mean Girls.

When students were asked around the RMS campus about bullying, approximately sixty-seven percent of you said you have been bullied- even if it was harmless.

A similar study was done by professors and majors in psychology at Harvard University. They studied seventh and eighth graders at a local middle school and realized how bullying has expanded over the years.

The good news is that bullying statistics go down in high school.  People just don’t have time to be stupid!

A new movie will be released soon on this subject.  Check out the website www.thebullyproject.com

Did you know…?

*Just because you deleted something from a cellphone text message, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter Page, or other social website doesn’t mean it is gone forever. EVERYTHING can be retrieved.  EVERYTHING!

*Employers look at Facebook, YouTube, etc. to see if new employees use these sites.  They do not have to hire you if they don’t like what they see.  Some people have been fired because of things they have written on these sites.

*College applicant reviewers look at Facebook, YouTube, etc. to see if applicants use these sites.  They do not have to accept you if they don’t like what they see. They also don’t have to tell you why you were rejected from their college should they find something objectionable.

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