Math Wizard, Stephany Nakamura


Mrs. Stephany Nakamura


By Cindy C.

You may have heard of Mrs. Stephanie Nakamura, or the Seventh Grade Math teacher, who teaches Pre-Algebra and Seventh Grade Accelerated Math. Born and grew up in West Los Angeles, Nakamura always wanted to be a teacher. Inspired by Mrs. Johnson, her 8th grade Algebra teacher, Mrs. Nakamura knew that being a teacher would be the perfect job.  She always wanted children of her own and being a teacher allows her to have the same schedule as them.

“Mrs. Johnson was very pretty and sophisticated and for the first time, I thought, wow! It’s cool to be a nerd,” said Nakamura.

Nakamura went to University High School near UCLA and joined the varsity softball team. Soon, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics at UC Irvine.  Later she finished her teaching credential at California State Northridge. While she was in college, she tutored calculus.

Nakamura was questioned about her opinion of this year’s accelerated math class.

“The challenge is the huge size, but I really enjoy teaching the class. I always tell them, they are really smarter than me. I just know more than them.  I often learn different ways of approaching problems from this group,” said Nakamura.

Here are a few words from the students.

“I like her as my teacher because she explains the lessons well,” said Seventh Grader Trevor S.

Others find the teacher good, but the material difficult.

“She is nice, exciting, instructive, but her tests and class is hard,” said Seventh Grader Stephanie T.

Indeed, her class is not easy.  If it is too easy, students will find it difficult to prepare for next year.

“This class is challenging but it pushes us to try our best,” said Seventh Grader Mathew W.

Besides teaching, Nakamura is a big Dodgers and Lakers fan.  She grew up playing basketball and loves skiing.

“I love challenging myself on the Black Diamond slopes!” said Nakamura.

Now she just enjoy watching her kids play basketball and baseball.  She will sometimes be seen in a Noon League game.

Many students that have been interviewed claim that her class is tough and challenging, but many are aware that her intentions are good.  She is trying to get the kids ready for high school.  High school courses move faster, and cover more material in a shorter time.  The class size is bigger, and the teacher expects students to work and learn more independently, in other words, no more hand-holding.

Nakamura is truly a Math Wizard.  If you need some of her math magic, just go by her room.  She is willing to help everyone “get it”.

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