Red Cart Customers Need To Exhibit Patience To Napoleon!





By Alex D.

Most of us just bark out what we want from the Red Cart without even looking up.  Well, there is a person filling those orders. That is right, he’s your Red Cart guy, Napoleon!

Napoleon has worked hard for many years at RMS. People need to show courtesy and patience and not just yell that they want a cookie. Many people cut in line, too. Where are their manners?

When asked what it feels like when kids swarm around him during lunch and snack… Napoleon answered, “[The opposite of Heaven].”

Napoleon serves a lot of people a day. Having the Red Cart is a privilege and having Napoleon is most fortunate for RMS.  Without more courtesy and respect for those who serve at snack and lunch, the Red Cart could disappear.

Here are some common sense rules for the Red Cart.

1.  Wait in line patiently.  NO CUTTING!

2.  Ask for what you would like politely.

3.  Have the exact change when possible.

4.  Say “Thank You”.

If you can’t do the above, bring your own lunch from home.  People deserve more respect than what RMS students are currently showing at snack and lunch.

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