Treasure Hunter, Joe Petito

Mr. Joe Petito


By Cindy C.

You may have heard of our technology teacher Mr. Joe Petito. Petito grew up in Wilmington, California.  He is not an ordinary teacher whose career goal was to be a teacher from the start. He started his teaching career at age of forty-two.  He focuses on teaching kids how to get things done.  He wants to apply real life experience in his teaching and his goal is to have kids use what they learn to get a job.

Petito served the United States Marines and has traveled quite a bit.  He likes salvage material and make them useful again.  In technology class, he will have the kids finish ten projects.   They do not have to be pretty, but all has to be completed.   Most of the kids’ favorite project was the CO2 car.  Once a year, kids from Richardson got to race with Calle Mayor students.

When he was interviewed, it turned out that he was not interested in only technology.

“I’m interested in seeing students have a skill to eventually get a job. My favorite in technology is to see real life problems like when you try to solve really hard problems,” said Petito.

His technology class is also very fascinating. Petito also likes to build and create things.  He likes to salvage and repurpose things.

Students enjoy Petito as a teacher.

“Mr. Petito is very calm and his class is educational,” said Seventh Grader Christian L.

Most students enjoy the different projects that students work on in class.

“It was fun because you get to do the projects on your own.  I liked the bridge project,” said Seventh Grader Alexandra M.

Petito also teaches Ceramics and enjoys watching the students create things from clay.

If you want, you may want to drop by Petito’s classroom and say “Hi”, and check out the objects in his classroom, you are most welcome to do so.  If you’re interested in making projects beyond what time in class allows, you may join Widget Club.  This club is also run by Petito.

Have something that may not be of use to you?  Give it to Petito, he is sure to repurpose it into something wonderful.

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