Wildlife Makes RMS Their Home

Seagulls are seen regularly on campus.



By David C.

Did you know that there are more than just people on campus? Did you know there are other things to do at recess than playing or hanging out? The local wildlife is more interesting than you may think.

There are some animals and insects you would see in the daytime.   Seagulls are attracted to our campus by the scraps of food we leave on the ground. They are shy and fly off when people get too close. For the people who like sitting down, there is bird watching, watching the seagulls fly around.

Besides the seagulls, RMS is home to crows, pigeons and sparrows who make their nests in the trees and in the eaves of the bungalows.

There are squirrels on campus that are cute and fun to watch. They run around the tree outside the main office.

Many lizards pop up on campus. They live behind the sandbox and in the ice plant. A good sport is to catch the lightening fast lizards. The majority of lizards found on campus are “rare” blue neck lizards.

The best entertainment in the Richardson animal kingdom is the funny moves of a snail, yes, snail. If you put it on its side while it is in its shell it pops out and performs a funny dance.

Blue Neck Lizards roam RMS.

Ants are more entertaining than you could ever imagine. There are ant highways hidden everywhere.  Look along the stone wall on the playground, or near the fence on the opposite side of the playground.  If you find many ants going in a direction that’s the highway. You could trace the ant highway back to the tunnel or in the opposite direction to find out where the ants are going.

There are also many nocturnal animals in the neighborhood and they are most likely to visit our campus. They may be skunks, raccoons, opossums or rats.  Some have been seen under bungalows and some leave their odor as students come into classrooms.

We  have all seen and smelled skunks. They may go on campus at night or during vacations. Opossums may go on the grounds along with raccoons. We have all probably seen dead opossums or raccoons in the street. Security Guard Mr. Joseph Quansah once saw a huge rat.

Cats and kittens are often found between the bungalows where Mrs. Joyce Suzuki works.  She calls Cat Rescue often.  Last year, two kittens were found.  This year, three were found in the same place.

Dogs are not allowed on our school campus, but they are seen on the field on the weekends.  Even though they are not necessarily considered “wildlife”, their owners let them run wild and forget to clean up after them.  This leaves students finding their poo at P.E.  Gross!

Please treat our wildlife with respect and dog owners, please clean up after your dogs.  Better yet, don’t bring them on campus as we have enough wildlife as it is!


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