MOT Upsetting To Visiting Students

By Devon K.

These past months, the Eighth Graders learned about the excruciating Holocaust in their ELA classes.  They read The Diary of Anne Frank after reading Farewell To Manzanar in order to put the historical facts in focus. To get the whole experience, they visited the Museum of Tolerance on Wednesday, March 21. The museum, also known as “MOT”, is located in Los Angeles, California. There, they got to see the Holocaust Section and some of the Tolerance Section.

When they first entered, they received a card with a child’s name on it that was a part of the ones who were in the Holocaust. The Eighth Graders held onto it until the end of the tour when they got to put their card into a machine. The machine gave them a printout of the child’s picture, biography and the information about whether or not they survived or are still missing.

The museum is filled with artifacts from the Holocaust and it gives the students the experience of going “right or left into a gas chamber”.  In the “gas chamber” a video is shown and much of it is quite disturbing. Many students learned more information about the Holocaust that they will never forget.

“It totally changed the way I think. I just wanted to fall down and cry,” said Eighth Grader Jaslyn M.

Some students found the displays unsettling.

“I thought the museum was upsetting,” said Eighth Grader Gavin T.

Others agreed.

“The Museum of Tolerance was powerful and sad…,” said Eighth Grader Megan R.

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