Twenty-nine RMS Kids Spend Spring Break in D.C.







Air and Space Smithsonian Museum
Washington Monument
Twenty-one Soldiers Cemetery
Lincoln Memorial
Changing of the Guards at the Unknown Soldier Tomb
Capitol Building
Iwo Jima Statue
Iwo Jima Statue
Mount Vernon
The White House

By Devon K.

This year some of the Eighth Graders visited Washington, DC during Spring Break. Andi Libuser planned this five day learning vacation. Twenty-nine students and three moms, Andi Libuser, Andi Hall and Laura Medina, left on April 9, Monday, at night and arrived in D.C. the next morning.

Once they arrived in DC, they went to Smithsonian Museums and monuments. Throughout the week they also visited memorials, towns and colleges. Places like Washington Monument, the White House, Capital Building, Colonial Williamsburg, Arlington Cemetery, Georgetown University, Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, Lincoln Memorial, Vietnam Memorial and many more.

“My favorite part of the trip was the Wax Museum because we got to see all the past presidents and some celebrities. I also could take pictures that looked real,” said Eighth Grader Bradley M.

Others discussed which memorial they most enjoyed visiting.

“My favorite was the John F. Kennedy Memorial because I admire and respect him as a President,” said Eighth Grader Daniel H.

Others had a different opinion.

“I like the Arlington Cemetery because all of the graves were interesting and I liked seeing the changing of the guards in front of the Tomb of the Unknown Solider,” said Eighth Grader McKenna E.

The chaperones enjoyed this special trip to D.C. as well.

“The DC trip was AMAZING!! I’m so glad Daniel and I went; what a memorable trip full of history and education.  I highly recommend this trip to the next group of Eighth Graders!” said Chaperone Andi Hall.

Mrs. Andi Libuser organized the trip.

“Traveling across country with friends and learning about our nation’s history is an experience these students will never forget,” said Parent Trip Organizer Andi Libuser.

Editor’s Note: Planning is underway for next year’s incoming 8th grade class to participate in a similar trip during next year’s Spring Break. Please contact group leader, Debra Grossman at

for more information.

This is not a school sponsored trip. Photos courtesy of Andi Hall.

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