Earth Week: Students Take The Taste Test









Earth Week was held April 16 thru April 20.  On Monday, there was a Water Tasting event.  Three types of bottled water and regular, tap water were tested.  The results are in…

“The best was the yellow (Arrowhead) with 25 votes but Kreger (blue) was a close second with 23 votes. Tied for third was Dasani (black) and Tap (red) with 22 for the “ok” tasting category. The tap water took the lead with 34 votes. The worst was Dasani at 39 votes; Kreger was second worst with 27 votes.

The moral to this, I would say, is that no one really can tell the difference between the different types of water (so don’t buy, use tap!) ;-)” said Environmental Club Advisor Amanda Malpede.

Thursday, a Book Swap was held.  Students brought a book and could get another book.

Friday, teachers wore their Earth Day Wordle Shirts.  Everyone was asked to walk or ride their bikes to school.

All week students and staff were asked to bring their lunch in reusable containers.

As Malpede says, “Every day should be Earth Day, not just this one week of the year.”

Continue to take care of the Earth.  It is the only one we have!


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