South Welcomes Calle and Richardson Students to Bluegrass

Principal Mr. Scott McDowell speaks to incoming Freshmen.







On April 20th, South High School invited Eighth Graders from Calle Mayor and Richardson to attend Bluegrass.  Bluegrass is a day when students get a chance to visit the South High School campus and eat lunch with friends. No one is sure how “Bluegrass” got its name, but it is a fun day for South High students who set up booths to sell food items and for the middle school kids who get to enjoy being on the campus.

RMS students walked over the bridge from Richardson to the South High gym.  There, Principal Mr. Scott McDowell spoke to the students.  He gave tips about how to succeed and make the most of the time at South. He asked students to think about three things as they enter high school.

1. Do your classes match your potential and willingness to work?

2. In what ways will you challenge yourself?

3. How will you get involved in high school outside of just attending classes?

McDowell left the students with this final question, “How will you be a well-rounded person here at South?”

After Principal McDowell spoke, students were walked over to the South High School area called the Mall.  There, clubs and activity groups set up booths with food to sell.  There was everything from muffins to lasagna and ice cream sundaes.  The monies collected benefit the individual clubs.

After an hour and a half, students were escorted back to their schools.

Several students agreed that Bluegrass was a lot of fun and they can’t wait to attend South next year.


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