Volunteers Ready Campus for Sharefest on April 28th

On Saturday, April 21st, volunteers, under the direction of the Balfour-Beatty Construction Company, came together to prepare for Sharefest.  Volunteers did everything from scraping peeling paint, painting walls, to taping off combination locks and handles and painting all of the lockers.  Bungalows 23 to 26 were painted as well as the walls facing the field and the Administration Building.  The benches around the tree by the rattlesnake mural were taken out to be placed elsewhere on campus.  The mural on the side of the cafeteria facing the street was also given a facelift.  The tree next to Rooms 1 and 2 had to be taken out due to the damage it was causing to the concrete walkways.  Handball courts were given a new coat of turquoise paint. Everyone was given a job to do in order to ready the campus for a bigger work day.
This was all in preparation of the Sharefest which will happen on April 28th.
This coming Saturday, students, teachers, parents and community members will have the opportunity to give a helping hand to spruce up Richardson Middle School.
You do not have to have any special skills to help.  We hope to see you there.
Sharefest begins at 8:00 AM.

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