Organizing Tips For Lockers

By Sarah D.

Since every Seventh and Eighth Grade student at Richardson will be getting a “new” locker, everyone has a clean slate to make their locker organized and neat. Being organized helps you save time, so you will be less likely to be late to any of your classes. Here are some basic steps on how to keep your locker neat and tidy.

First, it’s best to have no loose papers in your locker or in any of your binders. Stray paper makes clutter that is not necessary.  Second, it is sometimes helpful to have multiple one-inch binders for each of your subjects. Yet, at other times, there is no need for a binder for one or more subjects, so just use a folder to keep your information and papers together.

Before Painting

Next, you may want to buy a locker shelf. Locker shelves add another “story” to your locker. Putting things up on it like lunchboxes or textbooks provide more room on the bottom for your binders and other necessary items.

At times when your locker is disorganized you may forget to do things. Small magnets are handy because you can write notes and put them on the locker door so you will remember important things. A small whiteboard and Post-It notes are also efficient for this matter.

Sometimes your locker will become dirty. When this happens, use a damp paper towel or a wet wipe to briefly wipe out dirt. If you are in a hurry and do throw trash or junk in your locker, clean it out when you have time. Don’t leave junk or unnecessary items in your locker. They will definitely slow you down.

After Painting

Now, you can to enjoy your locker; you can feel happy with it. To make your locker look attractive, you can decorate it. Use magnets to pin up small drawings or pictures to the sides or the door. If you want to have an appropriate sticker in your locker, don’t peel the backing off. Leave it on and use a magnet to keep it in place inside the locker.

These tips are very simple and easy to do. Help yourself by keeping your locker organized.

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