Student Perspective: Living With Cancer

By Krista C.

(This is a personal story about how cancer has changed my life.)

Cancer has affected my life in many ways. It has shaped and molded my life to the way I am now. Even though I have never had cancer it has been close to me.

I discovered the horror of cancer when I was only five years old. It was October 5, 2004 and my grandmother was being transported to radiation therapy. My grandmother had been given a mammogram and discovered a malignant tumor in her breast, in short, she had breast cancer. Luckily the doctors had discovered the it early and removed the tumor, but was taken to radiation therapy to destroy any remains of the cancer. My grandmother is my best friend that I was scared of losing forever.

Five years later and the cancer never returned. My family was so overjoyed that we had a “bosom” party to celebrate her five years of being cancer free.
Sadly, cancer wouldn’t stay away and crept into another person in my life, my best friend Sam. About one year after my grandma’s all clear my mother tells me that Sam has been having trouble with her shoulder and had been sent to the hospital for tests, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a bone cancer that damages your bones from the inside out. Sam was taken to chemotherapy and had miraculously survived.

The first time I saw her after her treatment was on April 1, 2012. It had been two years since the last time I saw Sam and she had  changed so much that I couldn’t even recognize her. She had lost her hair due to chemo so instead of long, blond hair she had short, almost pixie-cut hair that had faint green tips and dark roots, she earned the right to cut and color her hair. She said that when she grew her hair back she would dye it, that’s exactly what she did.

Because cancer has hurt the people around me I have joined the committee of Relay For Life and I am giving 110% of my effort into the war against cancer. The battle may have ended, but the war is not over.

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