RMS Track Team Runs For The Health Of It

By Amanda M.

Ever seen students leaping hurdles or passing off batons after school on Tuesdays? The RMS Track Team has recently begun practicing for their upcoming meets later in May. The team is all about participating in track and field events like sprints, relays, long jumps, hurdles, shot put, and more. At practices, team members visit different stations where they can practice specific events.

“Track is a great place for kids to come and show their abilities,” said 6th Grader Daisy G.

After figuring out which skills they are best at, students have the opportunity to practice them on Tuesdays. Recently, the RMS track team has also been holding practices on South High’s running track. The high school has hurtles and a rubber running track with painted lanes, and the additional equipment helps students get a feel for what the meets will be like.

“Track and field is fun and challenging. I like hurtles the best,” said 8th Grader Ben M.

Being on track is not only a lot of fun, but it’s also great exercise. Running is a great way to keep your body healthy and fit, especially when in a fun environment.

“It keeps [students] active, it’s a good lead-in to high school track, and it’s good social activity, too,” said RMS Track Coach Mr. Richard Egan.

The track team was started last year by Richardson parent Melina Symons.

“I enjoyed track when I was in middle school. I wanted our middle school to be exposed to track and compete like I did. My hope is that one day all the middle schools in Torrance will have a track team and we can compete against each other,” said Symons.

This year, middle schools Chadwick and Miraleste are going to compete against RMS’s track team at a meet May 11th. The RMS team will also be competing in the Torrance All-City Track and Field Meet on May 4th.

“The track meets are exciting, the coaches are experienced, and [the team] is literally like a family to me,” said Seventh Grader Brittany L.

Make sure to support our hard-working track team at their meets, and keep and eye out for members practicing on the field every Tuesday!

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