Counselor Stephanie Hunnel Brings Laughter to RMS

Counselor Stephanie Hunnel


By David C.

Do you know someone on campus who has a wonderful sense of humor and can tell stories that make you laugh so hard your sides hurt?  That person is our very own School Counselor Stephanie Hunnel. Her office is in Room 29 in the bungalow just beyond the ball cage next to the Student Store.

Hunnel has worked here for seven years. Before she worked at RMS, she was working in a doggie day care and a domestic violence shelter. At RMS, Hunnel helps students with their friends, such as straightening out disagreements or more serious problems. Hunnel counsels kids who are in distress or have depression. She conducts many meetings with parents.  She also helps students prepare for college. The best part of her job is helping students solve their problems.

“I never seem to have enough time to see all the students who want to see me. I wish there was more time each day,” said Hunnel.

Besides counseling students, Hunnel runs the Game Day in Room 29 during lunch time on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Students can play board games or play on either a Wii or an NES (the first Nintendo console ever made for the TV). You don’t have to sign up at all. Just come during lunch time and have fun. However, Room 29 is the number one meeting room, so you can expect that some times Game Day is closed for meetings. Hunnel and Miss Cecilia both run it during the week.

Finally, Hunnel also runs an after school club. The after school club is also known as the Builders Club. The reason for the club is to build leadership in school and in the community though service projects and to make money for charity. They meet on Monday 3:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria. You need to get a permission slip to join. The Builders Club is run by Hunnel and Dr. Elaine Semple.

In her free time, Hunnel likes to go to Disneyland, off roading in her jeep in the mountains in Big Bear, and hanging out with her dogs. She has two English Bull dogs named Roxie and Rosco.  She also has a Bassett hound named Shiloh and a Teacup Chihuahua named Kai.

A little unknown fact about Hunnel is that she was once asked out on a date from a man from America’s Got Talent!  We don’t know what talent he was auditioning, but we do know that he had talent for asking out nice ladies.

So if you need to plan for college, need help with your friends, need someone to talk to, or want to join a club, see Hunnel in Room 29.

Editor’s Note-Need a good laugh?  Ask Hunnel about the time she went offroading in the mud.  My sides still hurt.

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